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Black Box

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Black Box

Each year one of the most important showrooms takes place in Frankfurt – an exhibition of lighting fixtures that gathers companies from around the world. This year, Messe Frankfurt was held in March with the slogan 'Light + Building'. Sono architects designed the exhibition space for the Slovenian manufacturer of lighting Intra Lighting.

Light and Concept

Light in architectural design is one of the biggest challenges. Light presents a priority and one of the key elements in architectural dialogue between users and designers of space. It allows us to grasp the surrounding area, impacts on the biological and psychological processes in our body, light produces food for the environment, provides basic nutrition for life. Consequently, the search for a best solution of space's lighting concepts is extremely important and responsible work.
Exhibition space was based on the idea of search quest for "LIGHT", which can be found through the walk and experienced through Intra's exhibition Light + Building 2016. The space is closed, main access to the interior is located at the intersection of main communication routes. ''Box'' is enveloped with a facade consisting of black round bars which have a monolithic, strong effect. Openings in the interior are illuminated and indicate the exhibition route towards the light. Illuminated entrances invite into the exhibition space and cause curiousity in visitors to enter. Exhibition items are lined in order and are presented in flexible micro exhibition enclosures (super market, showcase, lobby ...) which will be adequately illuminated. The visitor travels through the space around the central light, which is located into a large dome that hovers over the main showroom.

ArchitectureSoNo arhitekti
LocationFrankfurt am Main, Germany
ArchitectsEdvard Blažko, Marko Volk, Nejc Batistič
Nett Building Area190m2
Year of Completion2016
PhotographsIntra Lighting

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