lumar individual

BlackLine Individual

This one-family residance is actually a luxurious villa and a new design in the line of houses that were created for the BlackLine series. It is designed as a dynamic volume, which through its shape and facades reflects its interioirs to the outside view. Living area on the groundfloor is surrounded by large glass surfaces, while on the other hand the facades of the technical rooms and wellness area are more enclosed. Bedroom are placed on the upper floor and open onto the roof terrace. Ground floor is designed according to the principle of a modern open floor plan which through its layout and differences in height creates a dynamic space. The facade is a combination of two materials - large-format facade panels in white with wooden paneling in natural shades that give the house an elegant look, and at the same time comes of as a warm and comfortable home.

ArchitectureSoNo arhitekti
ArchitectsEdvard Blažko, Marko Volk, Nina Tešanović
Nett Building Area270 m2

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