House G


House G

House G is located on a hill, surrounded by the idyllic Slovenian countryside. The house is a secluded building on build into the steep terrain, enveloped by picturesque leafy forest. Towards the west, it opens into the valley and reveals a wonderful view of the country’s vineyards.
The house is designed with plain simple shapes, divided into two parts - a rocky base that is settled into the slope and the upper volume that opens towards the valley. Predominant are the pure shapes of the rectangle and the symmetrical gable roof. Glass openings are large but strategically positioned according to the location’s characteristics.
In the partial basement floor we have mainly sleeping and technical rooms, which lead to an outdoor terrace with a summer kitchen. It offers a view of the vineyards and provides enough intimacy and distance from the road. The visible facade has the appearance of natural stone with window openings from the sleeping areas.
We enter the building on the ground floor by the road. This facade is visible only from the ground floor upwards, it is mostly closed with only one large window, which also reaches the slope of the roof. Through the entrance hallway, we enter the open living area with a fireplace and a staircase. Along the staircase there is an opening which also provides light to the basement area. The ground floor is open and spacious, which is dominated by its basic pure geometric shape. A third of the area is used for the gallery, which has more of a intimate character.
The upper volume is dark in color and fully clad with large-format plates that emphasize its shape even more. It’s only interrupted by a large corner window, which offers the view into the valley. Because of the lower parapet we could form a sitting area on the window shelf from where we can observe the surroundings.

ArchitectureSoNo arhitekti
ArchitectsEdvard Blažko, Marko Volk, Nina Tešanović, Nina Herič
Site Area570 m2
Nett Building Area190 m2

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