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House Kam


House Kam

House Kam will be located in a newly planned residential area. It was designed for a young family with a spacious living area in the ground floor and the sleeping area on the first floor. In the ground floor we also added a garage space for two cars.
The house is mainly determined by its modern appearance. It is composed of two rectangular blocks, positioned one above the other. The duality of the program is reflected on the facade as well - the open ground floor is dominated by large glass surfaces and bright facades. The above sleeping area is enveloped in a more uniform dark surface and a flat roof. With a slight offset of the blocks and with a well- thought-out use of colors and materials the effect of light, transparent ground floor and the heavier and more closed upper floor is achieved.

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ArchitectsEdvard Blažko, Marko Volk, Nina Tešanović, Samo Radinja
Site Area620 m2
Nett Building Area225 m2

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