House VR


House VR

One-family house VR is a modern residential building near the city center. It is full of natural light and very well thought of regarding its placement onto the small building site. While trying to incorporate different terrain levels a complex dynamic play of different floors and mezzanines is created.
The materials that are used are contemporary but natural. Their colour and texture give the building a playful appearance which is yet still quite subtle and doesn't stand out of its surrounding. Interior space are functionally placed following the house levels - technical areas in the basement level to the bedroom area on the highest floor.
Reshaping of the terrain allows an easier main entrance and access to the basement garage. At the same time it results to a lavishing intimate outdoor garden.

ArchitectureSoNo arhitekti
ArchitectsEdvard Blažko, Marko Volk, Nina Tešanović, Samo Radinja
Site Area450 m2
Nett Building Area290 m2


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