A smaller Congrees Center has a very specific location. It lies at the top of the hillside plateau on a flat surface opening to attractive views across the valley to the west. In the vicinity there are no residential facilities, it is surrounded only by fields and vineyards. The requested program is not as simple as the name of the object indicates. It is a complex mix of different activities within the small required square footage of the facility. Different areas follow each other according to their needs for natural light and different levels of intimacy. In the basement a spacious jazz club, wine cellar, Dans le noir restaurant and technical rooms are organised. The ground floor with the main entrance is the central area dedicated to different presentations, lectures and conferences. It is connected to the main restaurant which via external patios also allows you to dine outside in-between the herb gardens. The top floor consists of twelve hotel rooms of the highest standard. Design of the building wasn't obstructed by any restrictions such as steep terrain, there weren't any references to the neighbouring buildings as well. The only reference point on which the concept stands on are the most attractive views of the valley. The hotel rooms with their own loggias are oriented towards the west and form a shape of wheat's ears echoing the fields. Lower floors follow the form of the hotel rooms. The result is a dynamically shaped structure that opens up as much as possible towards the idyllic landscape, while on the street side an imposing foyer is formed. Façades are made of natural materials with subdued colour shades that emphasize the unusual shape of the building and through the large glazed surfaces allow the nature and interiors to intertwine. The building is complemented with thoughtfully designed landscape and creates a variety of environments - from meditation areas, recreation, gardens, ponds and parks .

ArchitectureSoNo arhitekti
ArchitectsEdvard Blažko, Marko Volk, Nina Tešanović, Samo Radinja, Tomaž Bavdež landscape design
Site Area3600 m2
Nett Building Area1400 m2

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