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Law Firm Brezovec

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Law Firm Brezovec

Renovation of the run down office spaces in old city center of Ljubljana has proved to be an interesting task.
Office space is a place where most of the office workers spend more than half of their day, but it also has a significant expression on visitors while the overall look must in the best possible way present the nature of the bussines itself.

The basic idea was to clean out the space and start with a new blank canvas that is filled with modern sleek furniture with ornament decorative details. All the materials used are of high quality with a monumental appearance and echo the importance of the procedures that are taking place.
Space setup follows a functional floor plan while different ambiences indicate what are the individual rooms being used for – from a representative entrance reception area, meeting rooms, main offices and to the basic sanitary spaces.

ArchitectureSoNo arhitekti
LocationLjubljana, Slovenia
ArchitectsEdvard Blažko, Marko Volk, Nina Tešanović, Samo Radinja
Nett Building Area295m2
Year of Completion2016
PhotographsSoNo arhitekti


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