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Villa JK


Villa JK

The starting point of the house concept design draws from its own surroundings. This vast site area is located in the midst of untouched nature. The goal was to not stand out and dominate the surroundings, despite the required area for the large living spaces. We developed a solution where the house is partly buried into the terrain and thus hidden from the eyes of the observer.
It is possible to park three vehicles through an underground direct acces to the basement level. Partly buried basement level contains areas such as service and technical areas as well as living and sleeping areas. In addition to the sleeping apartments there is also a small wellness , a wine cellar and a small basketball court. Access to natural light is solved with skyline windows and dynamic shaping of the terrain itself.
The ground floor is completely open space that is spacious and fully intertwined with untouched nature of the surrounding area. The living area opens up to magnificent views in all directions as well as designed landscape with a summer kitchen and outdoor swimming pool.
Combination of natural materials is used in a contemporary way. Architectural elements and shapes are almost traditional, unobtrusive forms, but the use of visible concrete, large glass surfaces and steel structures gives this residential villa a touch of modernity. Interior spaces are comfortable, high-quality and pleasant due to thought out access to natural light and direct contact with nature.

ArchitectureSoNo arhitekti
ArchitectsEdvard Blažko, Marko Volk, Nina Tešanović
Site Area1900 m2
Nett Building Area600 m2

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