Neighborhood Pod hribom

Neighborhood Pod hribom


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Neighborhood in nature


Neighborhood in nature

The construction of seven multi-apartment buildings is planned. There are four buildings named A1, A2, A3 and A4 (from west to east) along Pod hribom street. Three more buildings named B1, B2 and B3 are planned in the same direction along the egde of the woods. The driveway and access to the building plot is located on the far northeastern edge of it. There are also three pedestrian accesses from Pod hribom street, which connect to internal footpaths and platforms that lead to the individual entrances of residential buildings.

The main idea of the design is a creation of a neighborhood in nature, where the buildings are not only placed at the edge of the woods, but are at the same time also part of these woods. Future residents would thus be offered a direct contact with nature, as much intimacy as possible and at the same time maximum use of the road in the north. The presented urban design takes into account the initial placement of buildings in the space as well as the organization of accesses from the street. The sizes of the buildings are mainly preserved as well as the access to the basement floor, where there is parking planned, and the central platform between the buildings.

The reorganization of the pedestrian accesses to the individual entrances enables a more sophisticated division among the individual buildings and thus also a greater interweaving of the horticultural design with common spaces for socializing.

Buildings A3 and B3 thus have separate pedestrian access to the entrance from the eastern side, which also enables the ground floor level of these two buildings to be lowered by 0.5m. The three planned pedestrian accesses from the street thus end at the entrances of buildings B1, B2 and B3. By lowering the buildings further, we achieve an even better placement of them in the surroundings, where lower individual residential buildings predominate. At the entrances under the canopies and along the blind facades of the buildings, areas for socializing, sitting, lounging and playing are planned. The horticultural design of the area becomes more and more organic as it gets closer to the edge of the woods.

Larger playground or larger recreational areas are located in the southeastern corner of the area. They are intentionally not fragmented within the neighborhood, as this encourages residents to socialize and increase the sense of community in the area.

Private areas are represented by private gardens and atriums of ground-floor apartments.

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