Residence Soča

Residence Soča


Soca, Slovenia

Apartments surrounded by mountains


Apartments surrounded by mountains

In the small Alpine village of Soča, near Bovec, there is an apartment complex of four buildings. 19 apartments with 57 beds and a separate reception are designed. In all four buildings there are 5 types of apartments – a smaller one-story apartment, 3 types of two-story apartments, and one type of three-story apartment. All the buildings have a ground floor, first floor and an attic.

There used to stand an industrial building on this location, that was demolished after it was abandoned. This left an empty abandoned space, bounded by a road on one side, by an existing individual building on the other and in the background by the rocks of the mountains. The spatial design of four accommodation facilities was created under the strict conditions of the Triglav National Park and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia. The selected land lot is located within an area of ​​distinct architectural typology. The Bovec building type is recognizable, the main characteristics of which had to be preserved and interpreted with modern construction technology.

We have preserved a traditional element of a so called »gank«, which extends in the upper floors along the longitudinal sides of the buildings – the »gank« acts as an access to the individual accommodation units or like a balcony. In the facade, a duality is preserved in the choice of materials. The upper two levels have wood cladding, which is dominated by vertical elements. These vertical elements are concentrated in the attic and thus emphasize the gable. All four buildings have steep gable roofs with hip at the top (jerkinhed), which further illustrates the typical peasant house of this area. The window openings are mostly smaller and square, the attic is illuminated by skylights. The roofs are gray and made of fiber cement boards, with a typical rhomboid shape.

The construction is wooden, made of cross-laminated timber (CLT).

In the area of ​​the new apartment complex, several types of landscaping have been implemented, which are harmoniously integrated into the whole. In the pavement green islands or islands filled with pebbles and planted with high mountain vegetation are formed. All the plants are indigenous and can be found in nature in immediate or wider area.

Accommodation facilities have been built which, although they are technically sophisticated, do not subvert an anchored construction typology and settlement morphology. In their more direct address they speak their own individual language and respond to the requirements of a modern living .

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