Villenpark is a countryside settlement of modern homes in a natural environment in a quiet location near the major Austrian city.


Villenpark is a countryside settlement of modern homes in a natural environment in a quiet location near the major Austrian city.

There are 11 exclusive houses or villas with park arrangements between trees. Demands were to preserve the existing trees as much as possible as well as the existing pond around which a public space would be created for all the new residents. In the area next to the pond big old oak is located, which is preserved and the area designed for recreation and relaxation.

The driveway to the plot is arranged from the street, which divides itself into individual access roads to individual homes. The terrain towards the south slightly falls, so the houses follow the slope of the terrain. When deciding about the locations of the houses, it was necessary to provide attractive views and sufficient distances between the buildings. It was necessary to avoid mutual shading and to ensure an appropriate level of privacy. In order to keep the park character of the entire settlement, there are no fences around the buildings.

Three types of residential buildings are designed – types A, B and C. These three types of architectural designs vary in different levels of comfort and size. In spite of the many varieties, the houses are designed with a coordinated characteristic feature that would combine buildings into an urban settlement as a whole.

The volume of buildings are compact with a flat roof, complete with a carport for two parked vehicles. The houses coexist with the natural environment according to the concept of the settlement itself – villas in the park. The standard of the projected individual houses corresponds to the conditions for low energy facilities, where only sustainable, “green” technologies are used.

All types of houses provide an open and spatial living areas that open to an outdoor terrace, sometimes with a private swimming pool and are also connected to the surrounding landscape design. Sleeping areas with toilets are located on the upper floors. Typical are clean elegant lines and large glazing, which are reasonably located according to the orientation of the buildings themselves.

The purpose of different housing types is a balanced social mixture that, due to its diversity, offers opportunities in all price categories. The common denominator of future residents should be the desire for a natural, ecological and healthy life in a rural setting.

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