Mountain Villa

Mountain Villa


Kitzbühel, Austria

Modern villa in the Alps


Modern villa in the Alps

Mountain Villa is surrounded by nature overlooking the Austrian Alps. It is located in a small village more than 800 m above the sea level connected with the famous skiing region of Kitzbuehel.

This luxurious home is conceived regrading the inclination of the terrain. It extends to three floors that are rectangulary shaped. Basement area is directly connected to the lower garden that overlooks the Alps. It contains technical rooms but also areas that are intended for entertaining guests or just simple relaxation time inside the wellness area. Streetside main entrance leads to the groundfloor level where mostly guestrooms and bathrooms are located.

The main area is located in the upper floor. Living space opens up to a stunning view of the mountains, which can also be appreciated from the outside terrace.  Master bedroom is intimately divided form the living room but enjoys the view and the terrace as well.  The whole floor has a different shape from the others and it is designed to feel like it is floating above the valley underneath.

The main conceptual idea is the form of the roof while also following the roofs’ inclines of the houses in the area.  With repeating the gable shape three times, we create a form that reminds us of the surrounding mountain peaks.  The size of building is quite large but with fragmenting the roof into smaller shapes and partially hiding the lowest level into the terrain this villa does not stand out from its surroundings because of it’s size only by its dynamic design.

Materials that are used are combined delicately regarding its colours and surface treatment to achieve a luxurious appearance that is not overwhelming and still unapologizingly modern. Big glazed openings are all located towards the mountains while the street side is more closed and reserved.

Dominant colour contrast on the outside is the classic black and white colour scheme. More subdued and natural colurs are used in the interior design. Eventough clean, simple and elegant shapes do prevail, the interior does not loose its warmth and luxury.

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